Clinical Update: Pre-travel MMR Vaccine

Date: Tuesday 11 June 2024
Clinical Update: Pre-travel MMR Vaccine

Pre-travel MMR vaccine to protect 6-12 month old infants

  • Globally, measles is circulating widely
  • Infants aged 6 to 11 months inclusive travelling overseas should get a pre-travel MMR
  • Pre-travel MMR should ideally be administered 2 weeks or more before overseas travel
  • Children who get a pre-travel MMR should also get routine MMR at 12 months
  • The minimum duration between a pre-travel MMR and the routine 12 month MMR should be four weeks, so a slight delay to the routine MMR may be needed
  • GPs should claim a fee for MMR vaccination using the outbreak code* 

Read full details in correspondence from Dr Colm Henry, Chief Clinical Officer: New recommendation for MMR vaccine for infants aged six to less than 12 months prior to travel abroad (PDF, 161KB)

*Outbreak code for each area: E-MMR-2024, NE- MMR -2024, NW- MMR -2024, W- MMR -2024, ML- MMR -2024, MW- MMR -2024, S- MMR -2024, SE- MMR -2024
Dr Scott Walkin
Irish College of GPs AMRIC Clinical Lead 

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