Application Process

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Application Process

The application process has two stages, both must be completed by applicants.

  1. Training Programme Application. If you have already applied for GP Training please contact fmmi@icgp.ie for an amended application form.
  2. Defence Forces Application through the application portal. Please ensure you click here to read the Defence Forces Terms and conditions, prior to application.

Applicants must satisfy the requirements for entry onto a GP Training Programme and the Terms and Conditions for the Defence Forces.


Entry into specialist training in Military Medicine will be dictated by the criteria set by both the Irish College of GPs and the Defence Forces. The Faculty of Military Medicine of Ireland does not specify additional criteria other than candidates satisfying the minimum criteria for entry onto a traditional four year GP Training Programme and those of the Military Authorities.

Applicants are invited to apply for the training scheme in Military Medicine and are advised of the need to comply with both the Irish College of GPs process and Defence Forces process as outlined below.

Irish College of GPs Process

  • Candidates apply via an application form for General Practice Training (available in the Documents section above). The application form, together with all required supporting documents must be returned to the ICGP no later than the closing date specified. Late applications will not be considered.
  • Candidates must meet the minimum criteria set by the Irish College of GPs in order to be considered further in the process.
  • A list of candidates who meet the minimum criteria set by the Irish College of GPs will be supplied by the Irish College of GPs to the FMMI.

Defence Forces Process

Candidates must complete a short online application form through the Defence Forces Candidate Manager. This is submitted directly to the Defence Forces Human Resources Section. All candidates must complete this section of the application by the closing date specified. Candidates must also have read and accepted the associated Terms and Conditions (available to download in the Documents section on this page) prior to application submission.

Candidates will be provided with relevant information and documentation such as conditions governing the appointment of trainees in Military Medicine in the Defence Forces (2016); Defence Forces fitness testing standards.

Candidates are invited to declare, in good faith, their eligibility for further consideration in the application process.

Defence Organisation administration

A list of candidates who meet the minimum criteria set by the Irish College of GPs will be supplied by the FMMI to the Defence Forces. The Defence Forces will cross-reference this list with the list of applicants it has received through the Candidate Manager; those that meet the eligibility criteria of both organisations will be short-listed for interview.

Candidates are further advised of the subsequent screening and interview process and are provided with any necessary documentation to complete in advance.

Defence Forces Screening

Fitness test

  • Candidates will be expected to undergo a fitness test as part of the competition process prior to being eligible for induction. 
  • The candidate must be declared fit to undertake physical exercise by their family doctor. A form with a declaration is supplied to the candidate for completion and they must present with this form on the day of assessment.
  • As an Officer in the Defence Forces you will be expected to successfully complete an annual fitness test.

Medical screening

Candidates are required to undergo medical assessment which includes:

  • Medical Screening Tests – pure tone audiogram, electrocardiogram, spirometry, visual acuity and colour vision testing, completion of a medical history questionnaire, blood and urine tests (including a drug screen).
  • Occupational military medical examination. Candidates may be excluded from the process on the basis of the findings on medical examination, which is conducted in accordance with Defence Forces Regulations. In broad terms candidates must be fit and healthy and free from chronic disease. 

Security screening

  • This will be conducted by the relevant Defence Forces authority and the police force.
  • It is essential that candidates submit to security clearance at the earliest possible opportunity.


  • Candidates who successfully complete the screening and medical assessment process are then invited for interview.
  • The interview will be conducted within a framework specified in line with ICGP National Recruitment and with the relevant Defence Forces Regulations and Administrative Instructions.
  • The interview board will consist of representatives of the Irish College of GPs, FMMI, Defence Forces and the TCD Scheme in General Practice.
  • Post interview, candidates will be ranked based on awarded cumulative scores. This shortlist will constitute the basis for placements on the Military Medicine Training Programme, and offers shall be made, starting at the top of the list, until all vacancies have been filled.

Contract and Employment

  • Successful candidates must subscribe to specified terms and conditions of employment. Candidates will sign a contract of employment.
  • Successful candidates will undergo a process of induction and commissioning as an Officer of the Defence Forces in the rank of Lieutenant.
  • The officer is then seconded to the Health Service Executive to undergo Initial Specialist Training (IST).
  • After two years, the Officer is promoted to the rank of Captain and proceeds with Higher Specialist Training (HST).
  • Following completion of the training programme, the MO will have a three-year service commitment to fulfil.

The Faculty of Military Medicine is committed to affording equal opportunities to all prospective candidates. However, the FMMI acknowledges that the Defence Forces necessarily select candidates within specified age ranges and that candidates with certain medical conditions or disabilities may not be deemed fit for military service.