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Want to know what it's really like to be a GP in Ireland? Some GPs have shared their experiences with us, highlighting the huge range of experiences enjoyed by GPs in Ireland

Uzair Shabbir in Co Kerry countryside

Dr Uzair Shabbir

My name is Uzair Shabbir and I am currently working as a Salaried GP in Clanmaurice Medical Practice, County Kerry. I graduated from the Southwest Scheme in July of 2022. And here is why I think you should be a GP.

Pramod Agarwal with his wife and two children at a party

Dr Pramod Agarwal

After rotating through six Irish hospitals and working in four different countries, I finally came across my niche: to train as a GP. At present, in the fourth year of my training, I have no further plans to change. I can confidently say that where I am at the moment feels like I’m in the right space.