Standing Committees

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GP Training Academic Council

Chair: Ms Anna Broderick

The GP Training Academic Council provides academic leadership within the college on the development, delivery, evaluation, and continuous improvement of GP Training. It is the ultimate academic decision-making authority in relation to the National GP Training Programme. The GP Training Academic Council recognises that undertaking and completing GP Training (and becoming a Member of the Irish College of GPs) provides legal, professional and social standing entailing both privileges and responsibilities. The GP Training Academic Council is responsible for safeguarding public confidence in the quality and effectiveness of GP Training in Ireland.

Education Governance Committee

Chair: Dr Lucia Gannon

The Education Governance Committee provides strategic direction and leadership for college educational programmes. This will include overseeing and approving both current and future programmes in terms of their high-level content, development, quality, and mode of delivery. This is a standing committee of the Board with a Director of the Board acting as Committee Chair. Using clear strategic management, effective decision making and governance frameworks, the committee ensures that Irish College of GPs educational activities support GPs in their lifelong learning within their scope of practice.

Membership Committee

Chair: Dr Grainne Ní Ghairbhí

The Membership Committee is responsible for encouraging, supporting, and coordinating membership growth, participation, and activity. The committee considers, provides for, and makes recommendations to the Board and College Management regarding all matters involving members, including those relating to membership services, research, faculties, and specific topic areas such as planetary health and communications.

Finance, Audit and Risk Committee 

Chair: Ms Siobhan O'Leary

The Finance, Audit and Risk Committee is responsible for the overall review of the audited financial statements and for recommending their approval to the Board of Directors. The Committee oversees risk management, financial management practices, internal control mechanisms, and regulatory compliance and makes recommendations for improvement in these areas where indicated. The Committee is responsible for reporting to the Board on all matters under its terms of reference, including financial performance and organisational compliance, and making recommendations for improvement to the Board.

Rural General Practice Committee

Chair: Prof Liam Glynn

The Rural General Practice Committee provides strategic guidance and leadership for Irish Rural General Practice and helps rural-proof the activities of the College. The Committee ensures that specific focus is given to creating a rural GP career pipeline and ensure a sustained workforce. The committee supports the advocacy, policy, training, education, and research efforts of the college to enhance the scope of general practitioners, especially in rural Ireland.

College Secretary

Chair: Dr Grainne Ní Ghairbhí

College Treasurer 

Chair: Dr Liam Twomey