PCS ePortfolio

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What is my PCS ePortfolio?

  • Your ePortfolio facilitates you in recording CPD activity to meet the annual PCS requirements.
  • Activity you record to your ePortfolio populates your annual Statement of Participation, raised in early May each year.
  • Activity you add to your ePortfolio is retained as follows:
    • Record of the activity (title, date, credits) – 6 PCS years
    • Attachments to support the activity – 2 PCS years 

Log In to your ePortfolio here

Access your PCS ePortfolio

Log into your PCS ePortfolio

What Can I Do with the PCS ePortfolio?

  • Record your CPD activity and audit (ideally as you go!)
  • Upload evidence to support your recorded activity
  • View or amend activity you have already recorded in current year or 5 previous
  • Access the following documents:
    • Statement of Participation
    • PCS receipts
    • Certificates of attendance added using the Irish College of GPs CPDR Code


You do not need to click a 'submit' button in order to populate your Statement of Participation. Each time you add an item to your ePortfolio, it is automatically queued for adding to your next Statement.

Code of Conduct

Please take time to read the Irish College of GPs PCS Code of Conduct if you have not already done so.